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Chongqing, China, Nov 2019
PWT China tour continued in Chongqing with Janosikova and Scalet on top
The competitions continued today in Chongqing. The area of Dadukou Historical Industry Museum set the venue for this quite special sprint race. It was a very interesting area and a somewhat unusual format of sprint orienteering. The courses offered varying and even untypical challenges. The victories went out to Czech Republic and Italy as the fastest were Tereza Janosikova and Riccardo Scalet.
Today’s race was set in an environment not very common for orienteering nor any kind of sports for that matter. Dadukou Historical Industry Museum, around and in which the courses were set, included some very special characteristics, as you can imagine from looking at the maps. There were two parts to the race:
First, a qualification race where everyone competed – not just the PWT athletes but also the few hundred local orienteers. Out of the first part, the six best in both men and women advanced to the second part – the Big Final. The Big Final was run as a chasing start with one-man-relay format. The Big Final decided the top 6 positions of the PWT race, whereas the rest of the positions were based on the first part.
What made the race even more special, was that the first part included both outdoor and indoor orienteering. The race started outdoors with a 1:2000 map, then continued indoors inside the museum with a 1:1000 map, and finally came back outside again. Something indeed for the museum visitors to wonder about.
All in all, it was a welcomed and exiting orienteering experience for the runners.

In the Big Final, among the ladies, it was Tereza Janosikova (CZE) taking the victory and Maija Sianoja claiming the second position. Sara Hagström (SWE) became third.
Among the men, Riccardo Scalet (ITA) could best adjust to the unique challenges and took the victory. Gaute Hallan Steiwer (NOR) was second beating Peter Hodkinson (GBR) with just few meters.

Top 3 after the Big Final:
1. Tereza Janosikova (CZE)
2. Maija Sianoja (FIN)
3. Sara Hagström (SWE)

1. Riccardo Scalet (ITA)
2. Gaute Hallan Steiwer (NOR)
3. Peter Hodkinson (GBR)

-Janosikova was pleased with her race, being the fastest in the qualification and also winning the Big Final: ”It was a really interesting terrain. The map scale was crazy to run at first but I got into it quickly. In the first part I got really lucky, because I did not remember to switch on the indoor map and picked also the indoor controls with the outdoor map, but I got lucky and found them without bigger problems. The Big Final was nice and running the chasing start in loops was a good decision, because then you could see also the other girls and not be sure about the situation. A very nice experience altogether.”

-”It was so much fun. The race sure offered something special for everyone. I have never run indoors before, so that was new for me. It was tricky at first, but once you got into the map and scale, it was quite clear to navigate and you really needed to push hard. Of course you had to be very cautious because everything came so quickly and the features in the terrain were bit special. I am happy I could keep up the flow in the Big Final also and keep the others behind me”, Scalet, who was also the fastest in the qualification, commented.


Map First part 1 (same for men and women)
Map First part 2 (same for men and women)
Map Big Final (same for men and women)

After arriving to Chongqing with the wings of Chongqing Airlines – a sponsor of the Chongqing part of the tour, during the past three days, the PWT athletes have already got to experience different parts of Chongqing: Skyscrapers with their light shows, exquisite local food, and Yangtze River cruise among others. Yesterday, the athletes visited a local middle school n.37, where they held an orienteering physical education class for around 300 youngsters – running a course with them and sharing insight on orienteering. Tomorrow the athletes will take part in Chongqing City Orienteering event, which can see up to ten thousand participants roaming around the city. A day after, the tour will continue to Beijing, where the 3rd and 4th stages will be held.

Men's winner Riccardo Scalet cruising the terrain

Top 3 men and women after Big Final

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