20.12.2018, Madi
Guangzhou, China, Dec 2018
Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship 2018 concluded
The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship 2018 was concluded today with a WRE sprint in Baishuizai Scenic Spots in Paitan "Life and Health Town" (Guangzhou city). The wins today went to Johan Runesson (SWE) and Denisa Kosova (CZE).
Today's WRE sprint race took place in Paitan, Guangzhou, Baishuizai Scenic Spots setting the venue. The terrain had varying parts consisting village area, parks, lychee forests and ploughs.

Among the magnificently beautiful scenery under a giant waterfall, it was Johan Runesson (SWE) and Denisa Kosova (CZE) who were able to take the second battles and victories to their names. In both classes it was extremely tight in the lead with only few second gaps separating the best runners.

Top 3:
1. Johan Runesson (SWE) 11:21
2. Peter Hodkinson (GBR) 11:25
3. Mårten Boström (FIN) 11:26

1. Denisa Kosova (CZE) 14:02
2. Galina Vinogradova (RUS) 14:08
3. Anna Simkovich (AUT) 14:09

Map - same for men & women


PWT Park World Tour wishes to thank the local organizers – De-Best Company – for the successful collaboration in promoting orienteering. Next year, the World Cup final round will be held in the Guangdong area. Same as the athletes, PWT is looking forward to what will be the first-ever major IOF event in China.

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