18.12.2018, Madi
Foshan, China, Dec 2018
Two races at Guangdong today
The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship continued today in Sanjiang and Daqitou villages (belonging to Foshan city) with two challenging sprint races. The first of the races also had a WRE status.
Today the athletes had two races to tackle. The first one was run in Sanjiang village and the second one in Daqitou village, both located in the district of Foshan city. Foshan is famous for being the birthplace of two kung fu icons, Wong Fei Hung and Ip Man (Bruce Lee's master).
Sanjiang is an ancient village with traditional architectural style and quite or even very narrow alleys winding between the buildings. Daqitou, another ancient village from the time of Qing dynasty is also mainly consisting of traditional architectural style buildings and narrow alleys added with some groves and fish ponds. Both villages are part of the Guangdong Historical Road with their preserved areas. As you can see from the maps, both races offered rather tricky orienteering where you had to keep constant focus, though the latter one also had some clear and more physical sections.

In the first race in Sanjiang (WRE), the victories went to New Zealand and Finland as Tim Robertson and Maija Sianoja were the fastest in this highly challenging sprint. What describes well the morning's WRE race in Sanjiang was the comment of the men's winner Tim Robertson: "It was so challenging that even with my current lack of speed but a stable performance I was able to win. It was actually only my third time running since the world cup in Czech Republic because I had shoulder surgery right after that. But today I was able to put in a very good performance. I opted for safe route choices where possible and it seemed to be a good tactic today.".

Top 3 in Sanjiang (WRE):
1. Tim Robertson (NZL) 16:28
2. Vojtech Kral (CZE) 16:46
3. Robert Merl (AUT) 16:47

1. Maija Sianoja (FIN) 16:04
2. Carlotta Scalet (ITA) 17:07
3. Denisa Kosova (CZE) 17:25

In the day's second race in Daqitou, it was again Tim Robertson (NZL) and Maija Sianoja (FIN) who took the victories. For Robertson it was the second of the day, but did not come easy as the whole top three were inside two seconds. Sianoja can't seem to find her match as she's been dominating the tour winning all three races.

Top 3 in Daqitou:
1. Tim Robertson (NZL) 10:49
2. Yannick Michiels (BEL) 10:50
3. Robert Merl (AUT) 10:51

1. Maija Sianoja (FIN) 13:05
2. Tekle Gvildyte (LTU) 13:46
3. Carlotta Scalet (ITA) 13:53

-"I was surprised to be second. Though I did have a very good run. I was very careful and did only few small mistakes and some stops where being unsure. It has been very interesting orienteering and I am very happy to be here and get to run such nice challenging courses.", commented women's surprise second Tekle Gvildyte in Daqitou.

Results, Sanjiang
Splits, Sanjiang
Map - Men Elite, Sanjiang
Map - Women Elite, Sanjiang

Photos, Sanjiang

Results, Daqitou
Splits, Daqitou
Map, Daqitou same for men and women

The merry group of international athletes together with local organizers

There are also close to one thousand local orienteers taking part in the competitions

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