8.12.2018, Madi
Guangzhou, China, Dec 2018
Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship one week to go
The Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship is one week away. PWT is collaborating with the local organizers to provide a spectacular orienteering festival

Just one week to go before the Guangdong Historical Road Orienteering Championship 'Surfing 4K IPTV' Cup and World Ranking Events are commencing.

The races on 16th, 18th and 20th December will take place around Guangdong Province, the same area where the World Cup final round will be held in October 2019.

PWT and the organizers have invited a group of international elite orienteers to compete in the races and promote orienteering in China. At the same time, they will provide a good benchmark for the local orienteers.

The results and maps from the tour will also be posted on PWT web page News section, so watch that space during the competitions to catch some insights on the challenges of what the World Cup 2019 races can potentially hold.


16.12.: Sprint, Yanzhou Island, Zhaoqing
18.12.: Sprint, Daqitou village, Foshan
18.12.: Sprint (WRE), Sanjiang village, Foshan
20.12.: Sprint (WRE), Baishuizai Scenic Spots, Guangzhou

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