29.10.2017, Madi
Beijing, China, 2017
PWT China tour 2017 stage 3
The tour continued today under a beautiful sunny autumn weather with sprint distances taking place together with the Beijing Students Orienteering Championships. Thus, there were well over one thousand enthusiastic orienteers out there looking for controls. The victories in the PWT race went out to Finland and Belgium as the fastest were Maija Sianoja and Yannick Michiels.
Green Dragon Lake park provided the venue for today's sprint competitions. The tracks circling around the park, lakes, and different vegetation constituted varying kinds of challenges for the runners to master. Although the surface was constantly good and fast to run, many areas had a lot of small trees hindering the visibility and forcing to do some maneuvers - adding some extra challenge.

Among the ladies, the most outstanding performers of the day were Maija Sianoja (FIN), Laura Robertson (NZL) and Carlotta Scalet (ITA), making the top 3. Sianoja was able to continue her good performances and was in a class of her own today with a clear victory of almost 50 seconds. It's a pure hat trick for her, as she took already the third victory in as many races.

Among the men, it was the Belgian fanfare playing the loudest as Yannick Michiels took the victory. Tim Robertson (NZL) was second, and Frederic Tranchand (FRA) managed to claim the third position. It was a tight fight for victory as Michiels beat Robertson by four seconds. However, the most tight of battles was that from the 4th position – Henry McNulty of Australia had a gap of only 0,8 seconds to the following two.

Top 3:
1. Maija Sianoja (FIN) 15:45
2. Laura Robertson (NZL) 16:34
3. Carlotta Scalet (ITA) 17:02

1. Yannick Michiels (BEL) 13:46
2. Tim Robertson (NZL) 13:50
3. Frederic Tranchand (FRA) 14:13

The winners commented after the race:
-"Overall a good race for me. No clear mistakes. Only on some legs I did some extra zigzag, as the low trees made it difficult to keep on the straight line – you had to constantly go around the trees and the visibility was quite low. I seldom use compass in sprint but today it was good to check directions at times to avoid mistakes – especially when leaving the controls. Happy to get another victory.” said Sianoja after the race.

-Michiels commented that: ”Cool course. After 4 years in China, I am getting used to this kind of orienteering. Overall, I had a really good flow, although some route choices I didn't get perfectly. But the orienteering was good and I am really happy with my race. My start to this week was far from perfect, but now it's going good and these remaining sprints should suit me well. Really looking forward to tomorrow's sprint in the Old Summer Palace, which will probably be the most challenging one in this year's tour.”

Below you can find the:

Men's map
Women's map

We will continue tomorrow with a (WRE) sprint race among the ruins of Old Summer Palace.

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