27.10.2017, Madi
Beijing, China, 2017
PWT China tour 2017 stage 2
The second stage of this years tour in China was a middle distance race ran in the Forest Park of Green Dragon Lake, situated in the western outskirts of Beijing. The event center was located in the yards of Qianyuan Chateau winery. The winners of the day’s race – also holding a WRE status – were Frederic Tranchand (FRA) and Maija Sianoja (FIN).
The forest park where the event took place included a lot of tracks, some roads, very varying vegetation from fast open areas to different sorts of greens, which had to be taken into account when making route choices. There were varying elements in this middle distance course between sections requiring more accurate navigation and sections of full-speed running – requiring some balancing to avoid mistakes. Also, choosing the right route choices was the key.

In the men's class, the Frenchman Frederic Tranchand was a bit above all the others, but after that it was tight, as the following three were all inside 20 seconds. Tim Robertson from New Zealand managed to get the second position 10 seconds before Yannick Michiels of Belgium.

In the women's class, it was a great day for Finland as Maija Sianoja managed to secure the victory before another Fin Marika Teini. Here the field was a bit more apart, as the victory was taken with a margin of 43 seconds, and the day’s third Laura Robertson (NZL) was already over two minutes behind.

The top 3 ladies of the day were:
1. Maija Sianoja (FIN) 32:34
2. Marika Teini (FIN) 33:18
3. Laura Robertson (NZL) 34:48

and respectively the top 3 gentlemen:
1. Frederic Tranchand (FRA) 34:04
2. Tim Robertson (NZL) 34:35
3. Yannick Michiels (BEL) 34:45

We asked men’s winner Frederic Tranchand about his race and key to success:
-”I had no big problems. I felt like struggling physically, but seems I was quite fast so perhaps I was just pushing really hard. At one control I got stuck in a the green but immediately turned back and avoided losing more time”.
”I was quite good on long legs, nailing the decisive route choices. I took my time making them and then pushed really hard. In the more technical parts I took it safe enough to avoid mistakes. The key I think was also to have a good map contact and your orienteering in front, as the terrain did not always match expectations”.

Laura Robertson, third fastest among women, commented her race:
-”The terrain and route was very fast today. After the second control I got a bit stuck in bushes and then decided to opt for route choices that avoid green areas as much as possible. My race was pretty clean and I was able to avoid the mistakes, but the speed was just not what the winner had”.

Below you can find:

Men's map
Women's map

Next the runners will have another rest day from racing before the third stage on Sunday 29th.

We would also like to mention the launch of Beijing O Week web site: For the coming years of Beijing O week, that will be the place to find information. Welcome to China!

Women's Top 3

Men's Top 3

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