26.10.2016, Madi
Beijing, China, 2016
PWT China stage 3
The third stage of PWT China was a middle distance race ran in the Beijing Olympic Forest Park, not far from the Bird's Nest (Olympic stadium) and Water Cube. The winners of the day were Maja Alm (DEN) and Frederic Tranchand (FRA).
The athletes ran in the more technical part of the Olympic Park, though still a forest park area with lots of tracks, but also some hills with varied vegetation that had to be taken into account when making route choices. There was some sprint element in this middle distance, so it required good tactical eye to avoid making any mistakes.

The top three pair of legs belonged to the following ladies:
1. Maja Alm (Den) 30:04
2. Huao Shuang (CHI) 32:57
3. Laurianne Beauvisage (FRA) 33:07

and respectively to the following gentlemen:
1. FredericTranchand (FRA) 32:18
2. Timo Sild (EST) 32:27
3. Tim Robertson (NZL) 32:43

In the women's class, Maja Alm scored a hat trick by taking her third consecutive victory on the tour. It was a clear victory with a margin of almost three minutes, but then it was tight, as the next six ladies were all inside 45 seconds. In the men's class it was a tight battle for the victory as the top three were all inside 25 seconds, Frederic Tranchand being the best this time.

Timo Sild's comments after the race:
I had a good and stable performance. It was a somewhat sprint-like middle distance. It might look easy on the map, but in reality it wasn't so easy with so many tracks going all directions and a lot of vegetation changes. You really had to plan your route and how to attack the controls - whether to choose the faster or safer route. I aimed to take routes where I could see the control flag as early as possible, to avoid mistakes inside the control circle and being able to keep up fast pace all the way.

Below you can find the:
Men's map - part 1
Men's map - part 2

Now the runners will have two rest days before the fourth and final stage on Saturday the 29th.

Top 3

Maja Alm taking the "below-water-level" routechoice (Men's map 21-22).

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