23.10.2016, Madi
Beijing, China, 2016
PWT China 2016 on the way
The PWT China tour started today with a mixed sprint relay ran in the Dongba Country Park on the east side of Beijing.
It was a good warm-up for the runners, many of which are first timers in China, to get accustomed to the local terrains and mapping style.

The terrain was quite flat and well runnable, which made the speed very high. Naturally also leading to some mistakes. But today's relay was more about a good sprint relay training opportunity than competing. But don't get me wrong, the runners really pushed hard and of course aimed to be faster and more accurate than others. There were a lot of cheerful faces after the race, and the week got off with a good start.

The relay had four short legs and two runners in each team. This time it was the ladies who headed out first, and the men had the anchor leg. The race offered true relay feeling with most runners constantly having contact with some other team(s). The situation changed multiple times during the race. In the end, it was many teams close to each other and there were only few seconds between the top teams. The fox in the last controls was Timo Sild who brought their Estonian-Hungarian team to victory with Ildiko Szerencsi.

Below you can find the:
Map (one of the men's leg.)

The tour will continue already tomorrow with the first individual PWT race.
Stay tuned.


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